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  • Sherwin-Williams Automotive at SEMA 2017

    Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Offers you More! Come see how at SEMA 2017

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  • CC200 - The Speed Glamour Finish

    A New Category of Clearcoat - CC200 offers superior appearance in half the time of a typical glamour clearcoat.

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  • Official Automotive Paint of NASCAR®

    Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes, Official Automotive Paint of NASCAR® - Ask Sherwin-Williams

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  • Sherwin-Williams More Than Just Great Paint

    Learn more about how Sherwin-Williams services and training can improve your shop performance

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  • Nobody Does Collision Repair Better

    From Surface Prep to Clearcoat, Nobody Does Collision Repair Better - Ask Sherwin-Williams

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  • Exact Match OE Classic

    Restore Your Classic Car Just Like It Came From The Factory

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  • Oem Solutions

    OEM Solutions Innovative Technology to Meet Your OEM Specifications - Ask Sherwin-Williams

    Learn About Automotive Interior Coatings

    Official Automotive Paint of NASCAR®

    Find out more about NASCAR and how we help teams cross the finish line and ensure that their cars and sponsors always look good on the track.

  • New ATX 3.5 VOC Solventborne Basecoat

    New ATX 3.5 VOC Solventborne Basecoat

    The new ATX 3.5 VOC basecoat is a low VOC solventborne basecoat system designed to provide outstanding coverage, metallic control and blendability. Its technology complies with all applicable VOC regulations across the US and Canada.

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  • FormulaExpress® 2.0

    FormulaExpress® 2.0 can give you a formula to the original muscle car color code you have been looking for in just seconds!

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  • Color Tools & Information

    Use our FormulaExpress® or Color Compatibility guides, manuals and more to match colors precisely.

  • Store Locator

    Sherwin-Williams has everything you need just around the corner

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  • Express Scratch Repair™ Dealership Program

    Turnkey program to reduce sublet cost, grow revenue and increase CSI and retention.

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