September 2014


Color Fan Promo


Warrensville Heights, Ohio –For years Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes, one of the leading coatings suppliers to the automotive aftermarket and collision repair industry, has been at the forefront of providing classic colors for cool and restored hot rods and muscle cars.


In fact, for several year Sherwin-Williams and Barrett-Jackson Auction House® have teamed up to provide car collector enthusiasts a unique palette of factory packaged custom automotive paint colors reminiscent of the greatest muscle cars and those of today’s top custom car builders.


But now the brand has taken its custom expertise to a whole new level, with the introduction of its complete Rod & Restoration Custom Color program. Perfect for body shops looking to take on specialty restoration work – perhaps build that showpiece car to show off the shop’s capabilities – the new Rod & Restoration program appeals to both professionals and the weekend car enthusiast.


Sherwin-Williams has been a tremendous hit among custom automotive enthusiasts, painters and shop owners alike for several years. Made from a series of optically enhanced automotive paints containing special combinations of highly reflective additives, the 200 new Rod & Restoration custom color program offers stunning, radical, multi-dimensional finishes that are color shifting, iridescent, illuminating and shimmering in their texture.


Available in either a water-based or solventborne format, all colors utilize both the Sherwin-Williams AWX Performance Plus ™ waterborne refinish system and the Ultra 7000® solventborne refinish system. All new Rod & Restoration intermix formulas can also be found within the Sherwin-Williams FormulaExpress® online color formula retrieval system.


When it comes to choosing that exact color to fulfill a restorer’s dream car? Well, depending on the project and what the end vision of the car is, the new Rod & Restoration custom color program is available in three, separate and dynamic color categories to meet most vehicle restoration vision out there: Exact Match OE Classic, Barrett-Jackson Modified Muscle Car and Rod & Custom.

Exact Match OE Classic


Exact Match OE Classic - Other PR Img


Not all ‘original’ 1968 Mustang Highland Green colors are alike. These are. In fact, the entire Rod & Restoration OEM color standards feature an Exact Match to the standards when these iconic brands first rolled out of Detroit. The Exact Match OE Classic color series features hand-matched colors from the most popular vehicles produced from 1950 – 1980. So now if you want that exact match Canyon Coral for a 1957 Bel Air, we’ve got it!                                                     

Barrett-Jackson Modified Muscle Car


Barrett-Jackson Modified Muscle Car


Teaming up with the ultimate name in muscle cars and performance vehicles, Sherwin-Williams has again teamed with Barrett-Jackson to offer a series of finishes that provide unparalleled durability and perfectly match the rich, vibrant colors of both the older and new classics, as well as providing more clarity and brilliant appearance. Utilizing the latest in cutting-edge dry-pigment technology, these new Barrett-Jackson Modified Muscle car colors like Sassy Grass, LeMans Blue and Plum Crazy, all stay true to the classic 1960s and 1970s muscle car era from which they were born.

Rod & Custom


Rod & Custom - Other PR Img


The name says it all – an entire series of new basecoat/clearcoat, single-stage and even 3 stage colors that provide beautiful, eye-catching results – whether cruising down Woodward Avenue or parked with a dozen ‘Best of Show’ trophies in front of it. The new Rod & Custom colors are easy to apply and reminiscent of both the classic muscle car colors and those chosen by some of today’s top custom builders. Available in dozens and dozens of popular intermix colors, there are a group of satin suede colors from which to choose.

For more information about the Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Rod & Restoration Custom Color program call 1-800-SWULTRA (1-800-798-5872).


Editor's Note:

The Sherwin-Williams Company, founded in 1866, is one of the world's leading companies in the manufacture, distribution and sale of coatings and related products to professional, industrial, commercial and retail customers. Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes, a division of The Sherwin-Williams Company, manufactures and distributes a complete line of advanced technology paint and coating systems for automotive and fleet refinishing industries.