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We often hear about color popularity in terms of new car vehicle sales; however, we rarely hear about color popularity in terms of cars being repaired. While new car sales are important, what matters most to body shops and collision centers across North America are cars being repaired. Sherwin-Williams® Automotive Finishes has been charting OEM color codes being repaired for many years and is pleased to announce the Top 20 OEM Color Codes Being Repaired in North America for 2014.
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A quick review of the data shows that for the third year in a row General Motors code 8624, Olympic White, was the most repaired car color in North America. Toyota/Lexus had five of the top colors, Ford had four, while GM, Chrysler, and Honda each had three. Nissan rounded out the Top 20 with two colors. Just as in years past, much of the Top 20 was dominated by White, Black, and Silver; however a Red did find its way into the Top 20. Toyota/Lexus code 3R3, Barcelona Red Mica, was the lone color in the Top 20 List.


Note: This repair data is compiled from over 9,500 users of the FormulaExpress® Online Color Retrieval System, the premium web-based color formula retrieval system from Sherwin-Williams® Automotive Finishes.