Product Recommendations
Painting custom colors has never been easier with our simplified systems. If you are already mixing Ultra 7000® Automotive Refinish System, AWX Performance Plus™, ATX™ Solventborne Refinish System, or Dimension® Overall Refinish System you have access to thousands of colors and even more customized options. Those looking for specialized effect colors will just need a few additional products to achieve our unique color palette. To learn more about the additive you need, contact your local Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes branch!
Simplified System group product shot PCMT15 PCMT12 PCFX11
These handful of additives provide unmatched performance, durability, and awesome effects. Listed below we have recommended products for three key stages of the painting process - prime, color, and clearcoat. Unlock your shops full potential by implementing one of our simplified systems.
  • Undercoats

    Excellent adhesion and high film build primers help you protect your substrate and prepare a level surface for a topcoat.

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  • Color

    Solvent and waterborne options available with thousands of color options.

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  • Clearcoat

    Patented, high solids, urethane technology that helps you deliver an awesome finish for your cars.

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