Reduced Gloss Clearcoat Application Tips
In the past a reduced gloss stripe or an overall reduced gloss finish was for custom projects only. But over the last few decades, satin and matte finishes have crept into the mainstream. Even refinish shops have to understand how to repair a flattened finish now that manufacturers are rolling out vehicles with a stock flat look.
Sherwin-Williams offers a variety of options to achieve flattened finishes. While some may prefer a single stage product that utilizes a reduced gloss mixing clear or a post-add flattener, we want to review how to apply an already flattened clearcoat over a basecoat.
If time permits, the most important thing you can do before you start is a spray out. Make sure this spray out is over the same basecoat, utilizes the same application technique you plan to use, and uses the same drying method. This preparation will allow you to make adjustments before you get to the car.
Once you feel comfortable with your preparation, give your car one last look. You won’t be able to buff this clearcoat after you apply it, because that will increase the gloss level, so making sure the substrate is clean and straight before you start is critical.
The application method we most often use is a wet on wet crosscoat. First apply a coat horizontally and then allow a limited flashed of 2 to 5 minutes before applying the second coat vertically. In this case, both coats will be full wet coats. You also have the option to apply the first coat, let it dry to a complete dull finish and then apply the second. This technique can be used when time allows and often will provide a great consistent look.
Another alternative is to apply the clearcoat with three medium coats.
The true key to a great reduced gloss finish is consistency. As much as you can, maintain the same distance from the substrate at all times with consistent film build. This will help you avoid blotchiness.
For all occasions, make sure you read through the clearcoat data sheet. Each product will have one and may have unique recommendations.

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