1961 Lucky Luciano Cadillac restoration
Cadillac’s always got my attention. The lines and the body style always attract attention. I had been looking for a Cadillac for a long time to restore myself and three years ago I found this 1961 Convertible. Even though it was in rough shape, it was a dream come true! I always hoped I could bring this car back to life, but at my shop, customer cars are always the top priority.
And because of that I waited. Everytime I saw the car parked in the back of the shop I thought…soon… soon.
Finally the opportunity came in 2015. Sherwin-Williams asked me to participate at SEMA and as soon as they did I knew what I propose! The 1961 Cadillac Convertible.
The restoration really didn’t start until March and it turns out that finding parts for this project was hardener than we anticipated. We ended up using two other cars as part’s donors to complete the project. We added airbags and changed the interior to a modern style. And you can’t forget our custom touches like the four leaf clover emblem on the seats. We finished the Cadillac with the beautiful classic Ivy Green Metallic from the Rod & Restoration Color Collection
-          Lucky Luciano, Lucky Luciano Custom Paint, LLC
Cadillac Convertible 3

Cadillac Convertible 4
Cadillac Convertible 6
Cadillac Convertible 10
Cadillac Convertible Body Work 2
Cadillac Convertible Body Work 22 Img
Cadillac Convertible 4
Cadillac Convertible Body Work 5
Cadillac Convertible Disassembly 25
Cadillac Convertible Disassembly 27
Cadillac Convertible Frame 8
Cadillac Convertible Frame 9
Cadillac Convertible Frame 13
Cadillac Convertible Frame 15
Cadillac Convertible Engine 6
Cadillac Convertible Finished Rear Fender
Cadillac Convertible Finished Open Hood
Cadillac Convertible Finished Interior
Cadillac Convertible Finished Front Img
Cadillac Convertible Finished Logo Img
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