70 Cuda IP Img
This 70 'Cuda has style and attitude by the bucket load and is a perfect candidate for a Pro Touring Custom. 
You’ll get few arguments, even from Chevy and Ford fans, that Mopar was hitting on all eight cylinders during the height of the muscle car era. Their engines dominated the tracks, their styling was stunning on the street, and in the case of the pony car twins, ‘Cuda and Challenger, the combination was insanely appealing.
Today, top-flight Mopar muscle remains in demand for all these reasons, but if you seek to go beyond the factory’s abilities—because, admittedly, they drive like 45-year-old cars—you have to do something special. Enter Jason Bair and the experts at Bair Customs, home of the Big Hemi garage. Perhaps you’re familiar with their work, since they’ve appeared in many big magazines, on automotive TV shows, and even as featured cars at SEMA and the Barrett-Jackson auctions.
The concept on this SEMA ‘Cuda build was to stay with a factory flavor, while adding some subtle updated hardware not found in an original 70’s muscle car. The NST stands for New School Technology. The guys have had many requests for the modern power train, so this "Cuda is getting the full treatment.They started with a clean 70 ‘Cuda, tore it down to a bare shell and rebuilt it from the molecular level on up. The result is a car that looks fairly stock, side from a few modern upgrades. In short, it’s the pure essence of pro-touring, Mopar style. 
-         Jason Bair, Bair Customs Inc.
Cuda Sideview Img
Cuda Front Angle Img
Cuda No Hood No Wheels Img
Cuda Steering Wheel Img
Cuda Torn Apart Inside Img
Cuda Under Engine Img
Cuda Engine Img
Cuda Engine In Car Img
Cuda New Engine Img
Cuda Rear Unfinished Img
Cuda Getting Painted Img
Chassis Getting Painted Img
Cuda Getting Painted Black Img
Cuda Getting Painted Rear Fender Img
Cuda Shine Seflie Img
Cuda Fender Shine Img
Cuda Chassis Flatbed
Cuda Under Chassis Img
Cuda New Brakes Img
Cuda Finished Rear Fender
Cuda Finished Open Hood Img
Cuda Finished Engine Img

Cuda Finished Front Fender Img
Cuda Finished Front Img

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