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This car started out as a nice original 440 / 4 speed R/T car with Sublime paint and old school Cragars, perfect for this kind of rejuvenation. As the build photos show, it was stripped to a bare shell and rebuilt from there. With the help of Ken Feber, sub-standard sheetmetal was rejected and replaced with fresh stuff and installed so seamlessly that you’ll never see where the cuts were. On the rotisserie, even the floors were sanded, filled, and smoothed. Once the sheetmetal was in order, the body was covered in “Sublime” PCCL12 Ultra 7000® Basecoat from the Rod and Restoration deck. The result is a surface that reflects like a mirror and is so green that it glows like the ghost in the Ghostbuster’s movie. Looking down the side of the car and checking the panel alignment there’s not a single area where “good enough” was good enough.
Of course, paint is just the beginning. The choice was made early on in the project to let the Charger shape speak for itself, so it didn’t get any body modifications, no wings or spoilers, and not even a pinstripe. The custom painted factory tail stripe and hood black outs have been cleared over for a smooth look. All the factory trim was restored or replaced, then reinstalled right where it belonged and all the glass is new. From the fully restored grille to the H4 conversion headlights, to the cool side marker lights, to the absolutely gorgeous LED taillights, this car is what the original designers envisioned when they first imagined the car back in the ’60s. There are discreet HEMI badges right where they belong, correct Charger R/T emblems, and if it weren’t for the giant Custom wheels, well, this car could probably sneak onto a concours field and surprise a lot of judges.
-          Jason Bair, Bair Customs Inc.
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Charger Chassis Img
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Charger Finished Open Hood
Charger Finished Interior
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Charger Finished Front Fender
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  • Basecoat - Ultra PCCL12 – Sublime

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  • Clearcoat - CC950 Appearance Plus Performance Clearcoat With Ure-Flex™ Technology

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