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January 2014

Not too long ago, manufacturers and refinishers alike would settle for hours (or even days) of inactivity because of the painting process. Now there are a variety of ways to save time, resources, and even money simply based on the application and choice of paint. Here are 3 steps to an improved process:


  1. Understand YOUR process- Every business has unique qualities and finished products that will alter what paint they should use. Always look for ways to improve. For example, Sherwin-Williams can provide single stage topcoats that allow you to apply decals minutes after drying. For some plants,this takes days.
  2. Don’t forget about undercoat- Although the end user won’t see the undercoat, having a durable and high film build undercoat sets the stage for the topcoats to perform effectively. Evaluate the qualities of your primers and see if there are alternatives that allow for direct to metal adhesion or higher performance.
  3. Turn the heat down or off completely- Speed can’t be stressed enough. A faster drying coating allows high throughput and can eliminate wasted resources. Sherwin-Williams provides a high performance single stage coating that does not require baking!


Don’t believe us? Check out this video about Genesis® HP:


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