Teal, red, purple and yellow semi trucks lined up with a close up of a pruple semi truck cab

Refinish your vehicles in 5 easy steps!


September 2014

  1. Your preparation is key to a long lasting finish. The entire painting process hinges on proper cleaning, sanding, and prepping.
  2. Use acrylic urethane systems that utilize automotive pigments. This will provide your vehicles with the gloss and durability you desire!
  3. Find a "wet-on-wet" primer / topcoat system to maximize the speed of your application. Reducing the time between coats and the need for long bake cycles will keep money in your pocket.
  4. Map out multiple colors and taping to minimize paint usage and labor. Spending an extra 15 minutes to completely understand the scope of a paint job will save you hours of adjustments.
  5. Choose the correct reducer for your environment. Your reducer may need to change depending on the temperature.
Genesis G4 Video

Genesis® G4 Basecoat Video Genesis® G4 Basecoat is a two-component urethane coating that provides superior performance. Genesis® G4 Basecoat meets Navistar standard testing and has received OEM Certification from Freightliner.

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Single Stage Vs. Basecoat March 2014 - Regardless of a metallic or solid finish, there are major differences between applying a single stage system and a basecoat clearcoat system.

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