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Have you noticed your coating coverage on sharp edges is weaker than other areas? If you have, you most likely also have observed increased corrosion in those same areas.


That is not a coincidence!


Coatings have the tendency to pull away from sharp edges and corners due to the increased surface energy needed to hold it in place. Couple that natural tendency with the normal shrinking that occurs while your coating is curing and you can begin to have problems!


The low film build around those edges become a prime location for corrosion, which can be exacerbated if the edge was created by a laser. Laser-cut edges are extremely sharp and leave behind residue along the edge line. If that residue is not properly cleaned prior to priming, the coating will stick to the residue (which has a high chance of coming off the surface).


To prevent or minimize these issues make sure to:

  • Check on your coating’s product data sheet to understand the volume solids of the coating. There isn’t a magic number to look for that ensures you won’t have edge coverage problems, but the higher the percentage the better.
  • Don’t overly reduce your coating. This can help speed the drying process, but the reduction of the coating dilutes the original volume solids.
  • Properly clean your substrate prior to painting. Make sure to pay close attention to the edges.


If you run into this problem consistently, try something like our High Build Additive. This additive can nearly double the wet film application of your coating with just 1-3 ounces added.


High Build Additive Ga6100

GA6100 High Build Additive The High Build Additive will increase wet film application for single stage topcoats making it ideal for applications that involve sharp or laser cut edges, because the increased film build provides protection and additional coverage to the edges.

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