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Learn What 5S Means To Your Business


April 2014

A workspace that is clean and organized is also one that is safer and more productive. Employees that are involved in 5S or Housekeeping Excellence programs within their business can vastly improve their job efficiency by having a more structured work environment. 5S is a process and method for creating and sustaining an organized, clean, and safe workplace. The tenants of 5S are:


Sort (Segregate & Discard)

  • Eliminate all unnecessary items or equipment from the workplace.
  • Clearly distinguish the needed from the unneeded.

Straighten (Organize & Identify)

  • Identify a place for everything and make sure everything is in its place.
  • All items in the work area have a marked place of storage that allows for easy and immediate retrieval in relation to where it is used.

Shine (Clean to Inspect)

  • Remove all dirt, grease and grime from the workplace and inspecting for defects.
  • Work area is continually cleaned and straightened. 


Standardize (Revisit Frequently)

  • Establish standards for maintaining a clean and trouble-free workplace.
  • Housekeeping methods are used consistently and in a disciplined manner.
  • Work method, tools and ID marking are standard and recognizable.

Sustain (Training & Discipline)

  • Evolution of the work environment where the norm is to follow the standards established and motivate to sustain gains. Establish procedures that are maintained by a checklist.

A 5S program is one of the first steps an organization can take to pursue lean operations and manufacturing. A successful 5S program can increase worker safety, improve product quality, increase on-time delivery, and reduce manufacturing process cost.

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