Yellow Safety First Sign

The importance and business case for safety.


Worker safety is a priority to Sherwin-Williams and because June is national safety month we wanted to share the 3 keys to a safe work environment. No matter the situation, almost every safety situation falls under one or more of the 3 keys- Take the time to perform the task at hand safely, select the right tool for the job (including the use of proper PPE), and use the proper technique. A large percentage of workplace injuries are caused by the unsafe acts of people and poor work procedures. Almost every injury is preventable!


With that in mind, there is no doubt that safety education and training need to be incorporated into your regular business procedures. A survey by Liberty Mutual Insurance unveiled that over 40% of chief financial officers cited productivity as the top benefit of an effective workplace safety program. A company that makes safety a priority generally maintains a great reputation, retains a productive workforce and avoids the cost of accidents and employee health problems.

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