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The New Year’s Resolution Every Painter Should Make

Even if you already have personal goals for the new year, like to lose weight or read a new book, you shouldn’t be complacent at work! It is never too late to improve your skills or change behaviors. We all know a co-worker who has been doing their job the same way for years. Our challenge to painters is to never stop learning! Just in case you can’t think of any ideas, we gave you 4 to start with.


  1. Research unique application methods- It used to be a challenge to find new technology, equipment and methods. But with YouTube, pages likes this, and hundreds of websites devoted to paint – The only hurdle is you!
  2. Practice SOPs- It seems so simple, but most painters do the same applications and steps every day. If you have time, review them with your paint provider and make sure you understand each step. Limiting your mistakes can save time and money.
  3. Take an invested interest in the chemistry of your paint- You don’t have to a PhD to know the ingredients of the paint you apply and how they work. Research entry level classes at your local university or you can contact companies like Sherwin- Williams, that have classes that can be customized for your needs. Check out our classes here.
  4. Investigate new paint technologies- Each year, new products are announced that could help your business. For many of you, what paint you apply is out of your hands, but don’t let that stop you from researching new technologies.


Let us know about any other resolutions you might have for 2014 and how you plan to stick to them!

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