Yellow semi truck driving in a winter storm, clouds and a yellow rectangle

Summer is officially behind us! Now is the time to prepare for the snow, salt, and water that can wreak havoc on your vehicles. Have your maintenance team run through this checklist over the next month and you can avoid extra time in the shop this winter!


Lube all hinges and latches. These moving parts collect salt and are easy targets for water saturation. The lubrication will act as a barrier between the vehicle and the winter elements.


Repair damaged paint. It is critical to refinish any weakness in the coating of your vehicle to avoid rust and early onset corrosion.


Caulk and fill areas where water can accumulate.


Create a cleaning procedure for under the chassis and body of your vehicles. It is nearly impossible to keep your vehicle free of salt and water build-up. In order to stay on the road, create a schedule for reviewing this checklist and any other internal procedures. Create an abbreviated version of this checklist that can be performed by a driver and an indepth overview by your maintenance team.

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