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Define Your Criteria For Success


April 2014

Last week we talked about how 5S principles can positively impact your company. There is no doubt 5S can be helpful, but before you make any changes to existing processes you need to develop criteria for success. Without truly understanding your facilities capabilities or competitive advantages, implementing new procedures can actually impair your team. Along the same lines, many businesses try to adopt lean practices as a response to a problem. There is merit in this reactive response, but think about how powerful a proactive initiation into lean practices can be.


Lets say your criteria for success is to produce high quality vehicles, in a timely fashion, with great customer service. You can perform a self evaluation on your facility to determine if your quality, delivery, and service truly match up to your expectations. This review will often uncover different forms of waste that are inhibiting the full potential of your business. Without a recall or warranty claim, you identified a source of waste and now can make a judgement call on how to provide a solution for your key areas of success.


Basic lean practices strive to eliminate all variability and waste. Waste comes in many forms, such as defects, over production, waiting, inventory, excess processing, and more. If you can uncover any form of waste in your facility, it may be time to consult lean principles.

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