What Are Your Paint "KPI’s"?


Determining what key performance indicators matter to your shop is important. You can apply that same logic and thorough examination of what works and what doesn’t to the paint system you chose. Understanding what attributes you want in a paint system will help you to sift through suppliers and choose something that fits or even improves your process. For example, if it is important for you to repair your vehicles quickly, you will want a paint system that can be blended easily and limits the baking required to cure.


You might not have 16,000 units, 4 body shops, and 450 employees to service your fleet like Swift Transportation, but that doesn’t matter! If you think you can save time or improve the durability of your fleet– it is worth it to examine your paint key performance indicators.


Check out the video that features Swift Transportation and listen as the body shop director describes his paint KPI’s!

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