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A Closer Look At Both Applications


March 2014

Unless you are familiar with paint or the painting process, the true differences between a single stage system and a basecoat clearcoat system may seem minimal. However, when examined closer, the differences help in understanding why a refinishing shop may choose their products differently than a manufacturer.


A single stage system is designed to achieve several things at once. It must produce the required film build, reach full visual coverage, produce the desired gloss, color AND durability. These systems are robust and often can eliminate inventory. They also reduce the number of steps required in a production process (because no clearcoat is required). But! Everything isn’t easier with single stage systems.


Unfortunately, applying a single stage product in a way that maximizes gloss could actually cause streaking or a mottled metallic appearance. Because controlling metallic colors can be difficult, most systems call for a final “mist” coat to help even out the metallic orientation.


Unlike single stage products, basecoat clearcoat systems do not need to be applied heavy enough to impact the durability or final gloss level. The second step in this process, applying a clearcoat, accounts for nearly all of the durability and final gloss level. That means it is easier to control the color, metallic or solid, of a basecoat clearcoat system.


Stay tuned for more information on how to utilize a “mist” coat and different blending techniques for single stage products!

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