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The top 3 tips to beat the heat!


As temperatures start to climb, your products and painting process needs to be evaluated. The humidity, moisture, and heat will make an impact if you don’t take the proper precautions. Feeling overwhelmed?


Don’t worry! Check out our top 3 tips to avoid losing coating performance during the summer.


1. Change your reducers when the temperature fluctuates - As temperatures warm up, the evaporation rate of your solvents should slow down. When paint uses fast evaporating solvents in temperatures above 80°F, you run the risk of solvent pop, die back and other appearance problems. Most reducers should have temperature recommendations on the label.


2. Be mindful of early morning application concerns - Some manufacturers in warm climates like open shop at 6AM or earlier to beat the summer heat. This is a prime time for dew formation on parts left outside and brought in to coat. Remove the moisture build up before painting or keep parts inside if you know they will be the first to be coated during the day.


3. Repair storm damage as soon as it happens - Hail, wind, and debris damage from summer storms can take a toll on a fleet. Repairing in short order ensures unfettered coating protection and the brand image of your company is kept intact. Your vehicles act as a rolling billboard seen by all who pass and you want the best impression during opportunities of free advertising on the road.


Follow these 3 tips and you should have a summer free of coating concerns!


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