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100 years from now paint will be much smarter than it is today. Think about how advanced some of our technology is today. GPS for vehicles have been programmed to monitor trends in driving and map out interactive routes based on learned preferences. Smart phones learn our habits and will talk to us.


The properties and chemistry of paint may not evolve as quickly as the technology industry, but in 100 years we expect things to look very differently…


Imagine if your coating could help identify when corrosion is beginning or if it could measure the stress from underlying structural failure by changing color? Maybe paint could take some properties of a solar cell and start to turn solar energy into electricity. Or chemistry could look to the natural world and try to mimic the feat of repelling water like a lotus leaf, adhere to wet substrates like a barnacle, or even increase hydrodynamics by copying the properties of shark skin.


Understanding the distant future of paint is excitingly still a hypothetical discussion. Can you think of any wish-list properties you want your paint to have?

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