Person without a suit applying white paint to a rim and a person removing tape from a white tank

May 2014

We understand that paint is often just a piece of the manufacturing or refinishing puzzle. Unfortunately, as you climb up the organizational chart, fewer and fewer details are shared about specific pieces to the puzzle. At a certain point, the only thing details that are used to make a decision are prices on a spreadsheet.


It is up to you to make sure your boss knows that paint is more than a line item on a spreadsheet! Here are 3 things that your boss needs to know about paint:


  1. Is the paint easy to apply? This will save the painter time and money while increasing throughput if the painting process and application are easy. Struggling to get wet coats to look good wastes time and may end up in a lackluster finish.
  2. How much paint is being used per unit? Tracking paint usage per job is a great way to statistically analyze your process. If usage increases, it is time to review the process and see what is out of step. If usage goes down, you need verify that adequate film build is being applied to maximize appearance and durability.
  3. What is the volume solids? Be careful when comparing gallon costs – often it is not apples to apples. The higher the volume solid the greater the surface area you can cover. The lower the solids, the more solvent is in the can which will only evaporate after being applied. Look at product data sheets to see square foot coverage, most paint suppliers will note it.


 Although it can be painful to organize the up-front work to track everything, it will pay off in the end when you can supply real data that can drive results beyond a line item on a spreadsheet.


Interested in learning how to implement these practices? Just ASK!

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