The behind-the-scenes look at Sherwin-Williams testing!


Have you ever wondered how we test the durability and performance of our coatings? Testing the color capabilities can be fairly straightforward, but testing the durability is not.


Verifying that our paint will withstand the harshest environmental conditions is critical to our success. Our end users depend on our coatings to remain smooth and shiny through a rough winter and through scorching heat.


Our secret is to test through Cyclical Corrosion.

Cyclical corrosion allows us to scribe a painted panel to mimic imperfections and rotate it through a weathering machine that tests:


  • UV
  • Humidity
  • Dry and Salt Conditions


This test provides a 70% correlation to real-world weather conditions, which makes us confident that we are providing exactly what you need!


Do you have a maintenance schedule in place to check the corrosion of your vehicles? ASK how we can help!

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