• Genesis G4 Basecoat Clearcoat System

    Genesis® G4 Basecoat Clearcoat System

    Simplified application with superior color matching.

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  • swaf-img-genesis-HP738x360.png

    Genesis® HP Premium Single Stage System

    High performing topcoat with no baking required.

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  • Genesis LV Premium Single Stage System

    Genesis® LV Premium Single Stage System

    Utilizes two mixing clears to achieve multiple gloss levels.

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  • Genesis® Topcoat Systems

    If you are looking for a premium finish that provides excellent color and superior durability, explore the Genesis® Topcoat Systems.

  • AIC™ Topcoat systems

    The AIC™ Topcoat Systems are easy to use and provide a high-gloss finish that are ideal for cost effective projects.