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  • Genesis G4 Basecoat

    Genesis® G4 Basecoat Clearcoat System

    Genesis® G4 Basecoat Clearcoat System is a two-component urethane coating that provides superior color for an excellent appearance. Genesis® G4 meets Navistar standard testing and has received OEM Certification from Freightliner. Genesis® G4 provides the quality and cost savings that you have been looking for in a basecoat system. 

    • Freightliner 49–00087 and 49–0023 approved
    • Outstanding color match capabilities
    • Excellent appearance and durability
    • Superior metallic control
    • Simple 4:1:1 mix ratio
    • 3.5 lbs/gal VOC level
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    G4 FAB Sheet

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    Genesis Tinting Guide Promo

    Genesis® Tinting Guide

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    Genesis Mixing Configuration Promo

    Genesis® Mixing Configuration

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    Basecoat Testimonial Video Find out how Swift Transportation utilizes the Genesis® G4 Basecoat Clearcoat System!

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    G4 Intermix GENESIS® Premium Basecoat System

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