Lean Stock™ Inventory System

Capitalize on the opportunity to lower your inventory costs, better manage shelf life, and reduce time and errors reordering your inventory. Lean Stock™ Inventory System provides you with a well-defined system to manage your inventory effectively and efficiently. 

Take control of your inventory


This process streamlines inventory management throughout the supply chain by implementing the principles of Kanban, a Japanese term meaning "signal". The concept is simple: a "signal" is used to communicate when stock needs to be reordered. This system allows collision facilities to order products in quantities to meet production demands rather than stocking up on unnecessary inventory.

Benefits to your shop


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  • Improve productivity - Allow employees to spend more time on value-adding activities
  • Improve product availability - Ensure you always have the correct amount of materials on hand to meet your production schedule and cycle time
  • Improve profitability - Inventory orders are generated by demand not minimum/maximum levels, keeping your inventory levels low
  • Improve repair consistency - Reduce repair process variation, reinforce your standard operating procedures and ensure consistent quality results


We provide you the resources to organize and barcode your entire inventory. Technicians, through the use of a reusable order sheet (Kanban trigger) at each stocking location, let the inventory manager know what product(s) need replenished. The inventory manager scans the barcodes on the order sheets to place the replenishment order via the sherwin-automotive.com web site. Your order is delivered, verified with the inventory manager and then restocked.


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