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Improve your overall shop productivity with the Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Collision Repair Design Service (CRDS). ASK Sherwin-Williams, and let our Collision Repair Design Service team assess your processes, procedures, and work flow from the front office through the entire repair operation and delivery.
Collision Repair Design Service from Sherwin-Williams is a facility design and layout service that will help you improve overall shop productivity. It improves the customer and employee experience by optimizing the processes and flow of your operations (Process Driven Design), as well as providing options for remodeling your current shop layout or even designing a new location (Facility Layout Design).
Each facility we visit is unique and our plans reflect that. Our facility plans are tailored to your market potential and growth. We provide recommendations on capital equipment, operational and process flow improvements and interior design specifications that are customized to your business objectives and needs.
For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions and our full CRDS Brochure.
Shop Talk
View testimonials from customers that have achieved greater success through improved workflow design. Proper facility planning will lead ultimately to improved profitability, productivity, and future growth. Meeting your needs is our top priority.
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Virtual Facility Tour
Tour a state of the art collision facility from the front office through to collision, paint, and finally customer delivery. See the possibilities for your facility.
Get Started Now!
Schedule a sales call today to work with a local representative that will help you complete a CRDS project request form.
A grid is available to also help provide information on the physical property of your facility. Please include: property lines, setbacks, street and entrance locations, dimensions of facility, location of doors, location of interior walls, permanent structures (restrooms, offices, floor drains, etc.)
Once your project request form and facility diagram have been received, a representative from CRDS will contact you to analyze your facility needs.