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  • Clearcoat 1100757 Performance

    1100757-2.1 VOC Performance Clearcoat

    2.1 VOC Performance Plus Clearcoat 1100757 is a “Glamour Type” clearcoat with Ure-Flex® technology designed for force-dry or air-dry applications and for use on spot to multi-panel repairs. It is a premium quality 2.1 VOC clearcoat designed to provide excellent gloss hold out and appearance without sacrificing speed and productivity. 2.1 VOC Performance Plus Clearcoat 1100757 performs very well in high performance spray booths as well as in spray environments subject to high temperature, high humidity, and low air-flow. This clearcoat also exhibits excellent vertical hold and performance when blending.

    • Excellent gloss and DOI
    • Designed for all repair sizes
    • Easy to apply
    • WOW application
    • Ure-Flex® technology

    1100757 2.1 VOC Performance Clearcoat

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