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  • Clearcoat 1100755 Elegance

    1100755 - Elegance™ Clearcoat

    Elegance™ Clearcoat is the elite glamour clearcoat designed for the most exceptional appearance desired on multi-panel repairs to overall finishing.
    1100755 is designed for force-dry/ booth applications to offer the ultimate in gloss & DOI for high-end refinishing. Elegance™ Clearcoat also has excellent application properties and buffability, while delivering a superior appearance. 1100755 clearcoat can be mixed multiple ways to meet all VOC regulations.

    • Maximum Appearance for Optimal Gloss & DOI
    • Exceptional Sprayability
    • Wet-on-Wet Application - Less Time in the Spray Booth
    • Pre-Flexed Technology - No Additives Required
    • Designed for Multi-Panel to Overall Repairs
    • Versatile National Rule or 2.1 Low VOC Options

    Elegance™ Clearcoat

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