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  • CC930 - Speed Plus Performance Clearcoat  Prod Img

    CC930 - Speed Plus Performance Clearcoat

    Speed-Plus Performance Clearcoat CC930 is a premium quality, high solids, urethane clearcoat designed to deliver maximum speed and productivity. CC930 has excellent gloss hold out and appearance and is out of dust in 20 minutes. CC930 can be sanded and buffed with a 90-minute air dry and can be “short-baked” for increased productivity. CC930 is low in VOC at less than 3.5 pounds per sprayable gallon, which makes it ideal for use in regulated areas requiring 4.5 and up to 5.0 basecoat/clearcoat composite

    • Fast out of Dust
    • Excellent Gloss Holdout
    • Short Bake Cycles
    • Excellent Air Dry Performance
    • Ure-Flex Technology
    • WOW Application

    Speed Plus Performance Clearcoat

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