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  • Clearcoat HPC15 HP Process

    HPC15 - HP Process™ Clearcoat

    Increasing productivity while lowering cost is the recipe for higher profits. HPC15 HP Process™ Clearcoat from Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes has been designed for speed and productivity. This high performance product includes our patented Air-Dry Technology enabling it to cure in as little as 15 minutes at 75°F, eliminating the need for the bake cycle.

    The HPC15 HP Process™ Clearcoat is a 4.2 lbs/gal VOC Premium Clearcoat that is part of our HP Process™ Refinish System. When combined with our SpectraPrime® Speed Primer and one of our premium basecoat systems, a complete repair can go from Prime to Shine in as little as 40 Minutes.

    • Most Productive Clearcoat on the Market
    • Patented Air-Dry Technology - No Bake Required Saving you Money on your Energy Bills
    • Refinish from Primer to Clearcoat in 40 Minutes
    • Wet-on-Wet Application - Less Time in the Spray Booth
    • Pre-Flexed Technology - No Additives Required
    • Designed for 1-3 Panel Repairs
    • Improves Cycle Times, Productivity and Profitability

    HP Process Refinish System- Cycle Time Reduction Complete low severity claims – from prime to shine – in 50 minutes or less, meet cycle time goals, and increase revenue. One way to increase revenue in shops is to meet the aggressive cycle time goals set by insurance providers so they reward you additi

    HP Process™ Clearcoat

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