• Information About

    ATX™ Solventborne Refinish System is a complete system consisting of Undercoats, Basecoats and Spot and Overall Clearcoats suitable for use in both regulated and National Rule areas.

  • Basecoat Color

    ATX™ Basecoats are suitable for spot and overall repairs. This basecoat system will provide you with excellent hiding and a blendable color match in a compliant, consistent, and complete system that will give you reliable performance.

  • ATX™ HP Single Stage Topcoat System

    ATX™ HP Single Stage topcoat system is suitable for a wide array of shop environments and job types and has the flexibility to meet the needs of overall refinishers, light fleet, restoration, DIY and any other job that requires a high performance topcoat

  • ATX™ Clearcoats

    ATX™ Clearcoats are high-solids urethane clearcoats designed to deliver exceptional appearance and productivity, while providing outstanding gloss and Distinction Of Image (DOI).

  • Undercoats

    ATX™ Undercoats offer high film build and excellent adhesion properties. They will protect the substrate and level out surface imperfections.