Sherwin-Williams offers a Limited Lifetime Guaranty on our ULTRA 7000® Basecoat/Clearcoat System, ULTRA One HPU® Single Stage System and AWX™ Performance Plus Waterborne Refinish System.

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The Limited Lifetime Guaranty applies to products listed above when used in accordance with the Product Data Sheet for such products, as well as these products when used in accordance to the Product Data Sheet for the Extreme Speed Process™.

You’ve won your customer over by providing high quality repair work using superior refinishing products. Our Limited Lifetime Guaranty Program is designed to support your work when using the Sherwin-Williams Premium Undercoat System in combination with the ULTRA 7000® Basecoat/Clearcoat System, ULTRA ONE HPU® Single Stage System, AWX™ Waterborne Basecoat/Clearcoat System.

Sherwin-Williams guarantees in writing the performance of these products against Covered Defects when applied properly in accordance with the terms of the Guaranty. The Sherwin-Williams Limited Lifetime Guaranty to you, provides your shop with these important benefits:


Your paint technicians are instructed and regularly updated with the latest technical information on surface preparation, mixing, and spot and panel repair techniques. Training for the guaranty program is conducted at your shop or at one of Sherwin-Williams’ six nationally recognized training facilities in the US or our training facility in Canada.


  • Customer Guaranty/Maintenance Brochures
  • Refinish Facility Certificate
  • Brochure Display Holder
  • Quality Paint Technician Certificate/Card
  • 20” X 30” Qualified Refinish Facility Guaranty Poster


Your customers can be assured that you are using quality products that let you stand behind all of your refinish work. It is truly a world of support from Start to Finish, focusing on performance and service – from Sherwin-Williams.

Limited Lifetime Guaranty

Covered systems and specified time period when used with Sherwin-Williams Undercoat System
Lifetime – ULTRA 7000® Basecoat /Clearcoat, ULTRA ONE HPU® Single Stage, AWX™ Performance Plus Waterborne Refinish System

Covered Defects
Peeling, cracking, crazing, extensive loss of gloss, color fading and/or chalking and moisture blistering.

Qualified Paint Technician Certification
Required to renew certification every two years at a Sherwin-Williams training facility. Must complete color training within first two years.

Qualified Refinish Facility Qualification
Completes and passes annual shop audit according to specifications listed within Guaranty program.

Support Materials
Customer brochures, shop poster, shop certificate and technician certificates.

Special Note
Any work relating to the Guaranty and any such claims MUST be performed by a Qualified Paint Technician according to the terms set forth in the Guaranty.

The Limited Lifetime Guaranty covers the areas of the vehicle refinished with specified Sherwin-Williams automotive paint products for as long as the vehicle owner owns the vehicle.