Sherwin-Williams Automotive Refinish Hail Damage Repair process.
Hail storms never come with a warning. Repairability of hail damage relies heavily on size and frequency of dents. The Hail Damage Repair Process by Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes includes a high build, fast drying primer that has excellent filling and sanding characteristics, excellent for use in all Collision, Fleet and Restoration locations nationwide. The Hail Damage Repair Process is ideal for repairing nickel and dime sized hail dimples as well as minor cosmetic dents in as little as 2 -3 coats. For use in hail damage repair scenarios, the Hail Damage Repair Process provides an alternative to panel replacement and paintless dent repair.
Let us help you increase your revenue with the Hail Damage Repair Process. Whether using a solvent or waterborne refinish system, we have the solution to help you process more cars while meeting the cycle time demands of insurance providers and increase your revenue. Reduce labor and material cost while increasing your capacity to repair vehicles with hail damage.
An alternative to panel replacement and paintless dent repair:
  • Higher margins with panel repair vs. panel replace
  • Prevents stretching of metal common with PDR repairs
  • Enables repair of hail dimples on vehicle body style lines
  • Increases internal capacity resulting in higher throughput

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