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Improve cycle time and on time delivery while lowering your costs. With the HP Process™ Refinish System from Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes you can increase your productivity and reduce your costs. In addition to our highly productive AWX Performance Plus™ , Ultra 7000® and Ultra 9K™ basecoats, the HP Process™ Refinish System utilizes air-dry, speed primers and clearcoats that allow you to complete one to three panel repairs in 50 minutes or less. That means zero-day repairs, or not having to put a customer in a rental car for more than one day.
With over 50% of all repair orders consisting of one to three panels, having the most productive system on the market will help you meet and exceed the expectations of your insurance partners and customers without adding equipment or technicians.
  1. Zero-Day Repairs – Reducing your cycle time and length of rental (LOR)
  2. Increased Revenue and Profit – With existing footprint and less effort
  3. Save Time and Money – Eliminating the bake cycle creates higher efficiency
  4. Wet-On-Wet application – less time in the spray booth
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