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  • Ultra U7400 Can Prod

    Ultra One HPU® Premium Single Stage

    ULTRA ONE HPU® provides the ultimate in speed and performance! This single stage system has excellent durability with outstanding urethane performance properties, and offers fast dry times. ULTRA ONE HPU® reduces cycle times and improves productivity while providing superior gloss and distinction of image.

    • Unmatched productivity
    • Efficient processes reduce cycle time
    • Consistent repeatable performance in all climates
    • Superior color match alignment to OEM
    • Exceptional durability and global OEM approvals
    ULTRA 7000 ® Basecoat System Mixing Configuration Formula Quality: B7

    Mixing Configuration B7 U1 Ultra One HPU® Premium Single Stage Mixing Configuration includes a complete list of all equipment, micas, staples, and toners required for this system.

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    Ultra Catalog

    Product Catalog The strengths of the Ultra 7000® system are, productivity, consistency, and efficiency.

    Limited Lifetime Guarantee Promo

    Guarantee Program Learn more about the Limited Lifetime Guarantee we offer on our AWX Performance Plus™ Waterborne Refinish System.

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    Demonstration of the iFEX® spectrophotometer a simple to use color tool for fast selection of color formulas

    iFEX® Spectro The iFEX® spectrophotometer is a hand-held tool designed for precise and consistent color measurement.

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    Formula Express Promo

    FormulaExpress® 2.0 FormulaExpress® 2.0 can give you a formula to the original muscle car color code you have been looking for in just seconds!

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    Color Toner Wheel Promo

    Ultra 7000® Solvent-borne Basecoat System Color Wheel

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    Ultra Tinting Guide Promo Img

    Ultra 7000® Tinting Guide

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    Ultra 7000® Basecoat Toner Let-down Deck

    The Ultra 7000® Basecoat Toner Let-down Deck (AS3301), when used in conjunction with the Ultra 7000® Basecoat Toner Tinting Guide (AS2607) and the Ultra 7000® Basecoat Toner Color Wheel (AS2533), provide the paint technician with a complete system of tools that make color formula adjustment and tinting easy, fast, and accurate. 

    Ultra 7000® Basecoat Clearcoat System

    Ultra One HPU