Area: Paint Prep
Step 1:  Solvent test E-Coat. If insoluble proceed to Step 2. If E-Coat is soluble, remove E-Coat and follow “Repaired Metal Part Refinishing” procedure.
Step 2: Clean new part with SC155 Low VOC Surface Cleaner then scuff sand thoroughly with a gray nylon scuff pad and R7K158.
Step 3:  Remove Factory E-Coat imperfections using a DA with P600 grit sandpaper on an interface pad with no break through to E-Coat.
NOTE: If P30/P27 Sealer was applied to the exterior of the new part in the “Jambing Parts Refinishing” procedure, sand the P30/P27 Sealer with P600 grit before topcoating.
Step 4:  After sanding, thoroughly re-clean the new part with R7K158 Surface Cleaner and a clean cloth.
Area: Spray Booth
Step 5:  Apply 1 full even wet coat of P30 SpectraSeal® or P27 SpectraSeal® Color Primer Sealer. Allow to flash handslick before topcoating.
NOTE: If the exterior of the new part has been prepared using the “NOTE” under Step 3, no additional P30/P27 Sealer is required and can be directly topcoated.
Step 6:  Apply Ultra 7000® basecoat with RHF Reducer. Allow the Ultra 7000® basecoat color to flash 10-20 minutes or until a uniform dull finish is achieved before clearcoating.
Step 7: Apply one of the Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes Premium Clearcoats - check local VOC regulations. Follow all mixing and application recommendations on the Product Data Sheets.
See Safety Data Sheet and Labels for additional safety information and handling instructions. Safety Data Sheets for the products contained on this Product Data Sheet can be located at Products shall not be repackaged, modified, blended, or tinted except as specifically instructed by Sherwin-Williams, including but not limited to the incorporation of non Sherwin-Williams products or the use or addition of products in proportions not specified by Sherwin-Williams. Before opening the packages, READ AND FOLLOW WARNING LABELS ON ALL COMPONENTS. WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For additional product information, please contact (216) 566-2917.
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