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  • PE995 Corrosion Shield LCF Etching Pmr Prod Img

    PE995 Corrosion Shield® LCF Etching Primer

    Corrosion Shield® LCF Etching Primer PE995 is the latest in etching primer technology from Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes, and was developed specifically to produce premium quality repairs with Sherwin-Williams® Automotive Primers and Sealers. PE995 etches the surface of most bare metal substrates, is used as a pre-treatment coating, and provides outstanding paint adhesion and corrosion resistance, while meeting the rigorous product testing requirements for OE technical certification. PE995 is a premium primer, and is free of lead and chromate hazzards for use in all Vehicle Refinish and Fleet Markets nationwide.

    • Outstanding corrosion resistance and adhesion
    • For use on bare steel, galvanized steel, cold rolled steel and aluminum
    • Recoatable in 15 minutes
    • Excellent sprayability, flow and leveling
    • Lead and Chromate Free
    • Premium quality results backed by our lifetime guaranty

    Corrosion Shield® LCF Etching Primer

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