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2016 is a Milestone year for Sherwin-Williams!  Celebrating 150 years of innovation, and commitment to our customers, come see why we are more than just great paint.
Yeti Cooler
Booth Information:
North Hall, #10631
Come and enter for your chance to win a Yeti Tundra 45.  We will pick one winner each day. Don't miss other fun giveaways.  Each day we will share our booth giveaway on Facebook
Custom Cars at the booth:
Come check out these Battle of the Builders cars built and painted by Brown's Classic Auto - Battle of the Builders. Our car reveal will be at 2:00 pm Tuesday, November 1st.
1965 Mustang Fastback
1965 Mustang Fastback -“Concealed”.
A complete custom build, Concealed features the first ever Roush Yates Built NASCAR Engine in a street car. The engine will produce 850 hp at 9000 rpm. This car will be competing in Battle of the Builders and going for Muscle machine of the year in 2017.
Read about the full build
1934 Ford Pickup
1934 Ford Pickup -“Khaos”. 
Its concept is to be a hot rod with sports car driving characteristics. It is powered by a 620 hp LSX454 and features a custom built frame, bed, hood, and lower half of the cab from scratch. Khaos will also be competing in battle of the builders as well as Early truck of the year for Goodguys 2017.
Read about the full build
Products Used:
More than Great Paint
Learn why it takes a paint supplier with more than just great paint to optimize your business:
As a shop owner, you want to be the place where customers come for expert, timely repairs. As a business owner, you want to maximize profitability by effectively getting vehicles through your facility. Either way, Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes understands that it takes more than just great paint to maximize the potential and profitability of any shop. Learn more at #10631 North Hall or learn more at More Than Just Great Paint.
CC200 Can Shot
Product Innovation Spotlight: 
Learn about how we have created a new category of clearcoats - Glamour with Speed. CC200 Dynamic Clearcoat, launching this year, creates a NEW CATEGORY amongst premium clearcoats, offering superior appearance in half the time of a typical glamour clearcoat.  Delivering consistent premium appearance without sacrificing productivity this clearcoat is designed for any painter, application, and repair environment. With a fast application time and quick, low-temp bake cycle, CC200 Dynamic Clearcoat will help improve any shop’s productivity and profit.
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Sherwin-Williams SCRS Repair Driver Education Series: 
See our industry thought-leadership consultants, Lee Rush, Steven Feltovich, and Mike Lanza present for SCRS. They will be presenting four of the 18 sessions. Learn more about the sessions and how to register.