Direct Distribution

Most collision activity in North America happens in and around the largest, metropolitan cities. In order to provide the best service to our customers, Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes has over 190 company owned Stores in the top 55 metropolitan markets. Additionally, we are the only paint manufacture that is also a full service PBE supplier. That means that a Sherwin-Williams Branch is just right around the corner from all your locations, ready, willing and able to directly supply all your PBE needs.

What value does direct distribution provide to you?


Direct Distribution provides a standardized platform (e.g. Billing, Replenishment, Product Offering, Training, etc.) for all your locations, and a consistent, repeatable and reliable experience across all markets.
Centralized billing - It's easier to maintain one PBE supplier for all your locations than a multitude of vendors. Think about the number of PBE invoices you receive for one of your locations and multiply them by the number of vendors that service all of your locations. Our Stores offer you the ease of centralized billing, allowing you to maintain a single PBE vendor and standard invoice format for all of your locations.
Standard replenishment and delivery - It's easier to implement a single PBE replenishment and delivery process across all your locations than a multitude. Think about the number of PBE replenishment and delivery processes that interface with all your locations. Our Stores will allow you to standardize your replenishment and delivery process so that you have a consistent, trainable approach for all your locations.
Standard product offering - It's easier to standardize your repair processes when all your locations are utilizing the same offering of PBE products. Think about the number of PBE product assortments that are being ordered, inventoried and utilized by all of your locations. Our Stores can help you drive efficiency, lower inventory and reduce waste by locking in a standard assortment of PBE products for all your locations.


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