Connecting the Dots between High-Minded Lean Concepts and Real-World Results


Tactically Lean Business Development is the industry's most impactful approach for collision center management. This approach offers real world implementation of all aspects of a “Managed Collision Repair” facility from Keys to Keys, Sales & Service to Delivery & Accounts Receivables and every thing between.


For years we have had the Lean Gurus thrust their grand theories, concepts and philosophies on us from industry conferences to industry publications and most everywhere in between. They speak “at” shops from 30,000 feet with little empathy for real-world operations.


When it comes to the lean challenges facing our industry, many would agree that there is too much talk and far too little action. The issue is that most us do not manage at 30,000 feet, and most of your employees don’t get the “guru speak.” These grand concepts and theoretical exercises don’t immediately translate to the real world.


Given the need to “connect the dots” between the grand concepts presented to us by the visionaries in our industry and the managers and technicians at the shop level, Tactically Lean is a new approach to Managed Collision Repair. A tactical, shop-level approach to lean implementation designed by collision operators for collision operators to help clearly understand each lean tool and develop a custom strategy to implement these tools in their own shops.


This is not your traditional “training”, but a customized approach focused on the real-world challenges we face when implementing lean tools within our shops. With the emphasis on “Lean Tools Process”, designed to help your collision facility take the implementation lessons the industry has learned in the past, shops can formulate a sustainable program to drive process improvements.


Change in our industry today is accelerating, and so must the development of people, operations, and processes. Tactically Lean is for those collision repair operators, owners, and managers who understand that being successful moving forward will demand a great deal more than just business as usual. It will demand accelerated development and a desire to strengthen their operational process and the skills of their teams; a process driven collision business that through a high level of SOP and Lean process produces, predictable and consistent work flow, revenue, and quality.

Shop Owners, Shop Managers, Production Managers, and Estimators

4.0 hours

20 maximum


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