• Cycle Time Reduction

    10 Cycle Time Absolutes that drive cycle time improvements through the reduction of waste.

  • Damage Analysis & Blueprinting

    Damage Analysis & Blueprinting process and implementation to produce 100% accurate RO’s.

  • Express Repair

    Producing Zero Day cars to maximize cycle time performance by implementing the processes associated with repairing “0” to “2” Day Repairs.

  • Improving Workshop Efficiency

    This course focuses on the theory and mechanics of lean productions, helping participants to understand and implement process improvement.

  • In-Process Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance management processes deliver production increases while simultaneously driving internal costs down through the elimination and reduction of internal redo’s and come-backs.

  • Parts Correctness

    Parts management absolutes and Parts Correctness process to drive cycle time and profitability improvements and ensure 100% correct parts.

  • Repair Planning for Rapid Throughput

    This course will cover the importance of a full and accurate repair plan and its role in a lean collision facility.

  • Through-Put Production Management

    Through-Put management process will improve on time deliveries, production flow, shop communication, and cycle times.

  • Advanced Operational Training Course Schedule

    View our list of Advanced Operational training courses.