Sherwin-Williams EcoLean™ Workshops have been developed especially for collision facility owners and managers who are interested in maximizing profitability by improving production and eliminating waste throughout their facilities.
Attendees - Collision Repair Facility Owners and Managers*
Duration - 2 Days
Class Size - 50 Attendees
*It is encouraged that all attendees have completed EcoLean™ Level 1 prior to attending EcoLean™ Level 2.

Repair Planning for Rapid Throughput

This course applies “lean” to collision repair. It will show attendees how to develop a customer-focused culture within the repair facility.  It will also provide insight into changing vehicle technologies, which support why it is crucial to develop a full and accurate repair plan for the customer’s vehicle and for the sustainability of the repair facility in the future.

Shop Tour

Attendees will tour through a collision facility that is embracing lean production principles. The tour will be facilitated by the shop’s management team, and will give participants a taste of lean production in a real world environment.

Damage Analysis and Blueprinting

The goal is to achieve a 100% accurate RO which includes all parts, labor, materials, and operations necessary to restore customers’ vehicles to a “crashworthy” status. This proven process delivers production increases while driving internal costs down. It will also provide the recommended layout and tools which are needed for a dedicated damage analysis area.

Parts Correctness

Methods shared during this session will decrease missing, wrong, and damaged parts errors commonly found in traditional production activities. This will enable the shop to move to the next level in cycle-time reduction, and increase vehicle throughput while achieving higher customer satisfaction rankings.
Date(s) Location Price Registration
TBD TBD $800

To provide the participant with the skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to improve their collision facility’s quality, production output, and profitability. Participants will be provided with tangible tools to drive waste out of their business, both process waste and environmental waste.